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This is the place to learn everything FedEx Linehaul. Whether you're a new contractor or a seasoned veteran you'll walk away from the summit with new ideas to implement in your business.


Your registration includes all of the courses below. 

Team Building / Culture - Drivers, Safety, Retention

In order for your organization to grow and succeed in the long-term, all of your employees need to be pulling in the same direction. Let's figure out how to define that direction and discuss practical strategies to get everyone in your organization rowing in the same direction.

Managing Risk and Insurance

Your business is risky! Are you evaluating and quantifying the risks you bear everyday? This course will focus on quantifying and managing risks, including insurance decision making.

Business Valuation and Mechanics of an Acquisition

Thinking of buying or selling your business? We'll dive into the mechanics of a transaction from start to finish including how a business is valued. We'll also cover common transaction mistakes and what to look for in your 3rd party advisors.

Financing and Capital Management

Balance Sheet Management - how to use truck loans, bank loans and investor equity to best effect. How that might be impacted by FXG review of financial statements.

Workers Comp

We will dive into workers comp, differences state by state. We'll explore modification rates, experience factors, and how you can save money by being on top of things.

Working with FedEx

Why a good working relationship with your Fedex counterparts can be a big asset to your business. How to turn adversarial relationships into partnerships. How to deal with conflicting priorities between your business and FXG.

HOS Management

Do you wait until the terminal calls you about a HOS violation to look at your ELD? Do all your ELDs work properly? Do your driver's know they are being monitored? Sounds like you need an HOS management policy. Let's build one together.

On-boarding and Driver Training

Does your onboarding and training process align with your business strategy? Do you even have a training policy? This course will help you consistently impress your new hires, immerse them in company culture and make them feel part of the team.

Recruiting - Top Of Funnel

How do you market your openings? Are you finding enough candidates? Is your strategy differentiated? Are you defining and measuring success? We are going to tackle all of these questions.

Implementing and Managing Benefits

How do you utilize benefits to reward drivers and retain them and incentive them to recruit and retain drivers. This encompasses 401ks, medical plans, vision, dental, vacation, etc. What are the costs involved (both time and money), and who should you partner with to implement things correctly?

Fedex/DOT Driver Compliance

Do you maintain driver qualification files? Do you check to make sure your driver files are updated in FADV? What are your responsibilities with regards to the FMCSA? What are your responsibilities with regards to FedEx Ground policies and procedures?

Business Strategy and Defining Success

If you haven't defined success you are bound to fail. Have you decided whether your priority is growth or profit maximization? How do you balance conflicting priorities between Fedex and your drivers? Are you making your money on enterprise appreciation or day-to-day operations?

Scaling Up and Managing Growth

How to grow from 5 trucks to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 40, etc. What's involved from a finance perspective, as well as how/when to build your back office and management teams. How FXG scale limits can impact growth and how to navigate around that. Pros/cons or inorganic vs organic growth. How to complete RFIs for best success

SRS score and Safety

Want to know how runs get assigned? It has a lot to do with the safety score (or does it?). We'll discuss the mechanics of seniority, safety and how runs actually get assigned.

Financial Performance and Analysis

How are you going to build your income statement? How do analyze which routes are profitable? How do you decide which routes to buy or sell? Is your reporting and analysis giving you a clear picture of how you're doing?

Scheduling and Dispatching

How do you schedule your trucks and drivers? Do you have a strategy? Who's in charge of the process? This session will discuss how scheduling should be driven by your business strategy and will cover some practical strategies for dispatching.


Let's dive into implementing service schedules, negotiating service contracts with dealerships and 3rd party maintenance providers, utilizing mobile maintenance fleets, in-house vs 3rd party (when does it make sense)

VEDR and Coaching

How do you coach drivers? What are your incentive structures for safety? Does your safety policy align with your business strategy? We are going to dive into these questions and provide practical advice for coaching drivers and meeting FedEx's KIs.

Safety Programs

How to design, implement and manage a Fedex-Approved Safety Program

Navigating First Advantage - FADV Training

Let's dive into some practical strategies for managing the driver approval process through First Advantage. First Advantage is a required part of our business - rather than struggle with it, we'll learn how best to navigate FADV to get your drivers through the process as quickly as possible

Employee Handbooks and Agreements

Do you have an employee handbook? When is the last time you updated it? Do you consistently enforce it? We will discuss these questions and more. Your employee manual should align with your business strategy and is core to your culture.

Have you Registered?

You've been scrolling a while. Yes, we are offering a lot of courses at the 2022 Summit that you won't want to miss. If you haven't registered, now is the time.

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