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This is the place to learn everything FedEx Linehaul. Whether you're a new contractor or a seasoned veteran you'll walk away from the summit with new ideas to implement in your business.
2024 course announcements coming soon!


  • From The Top Down: Leadership and Team Building
    More and more employees are prioritizing WHO they work over an actual job description. Leadership starts from the top and will make or break your team. How can you build a team that will stick around and show up, from your managers to your drivers?
  • Driver Benefits as a Retention Tool
    What do drivers really care about and which benefits should you offer? Which ones should you not? What are the true costs of benefits after you bake into the math the cost of not having to replace a driver?
  • Recruiting: When Does It End?
    How do you balance the need to fill a seat with the need to manage the bottom line on driver costs? How do you manage your recruiting spend when all your seats are full? Does your recruiting strategy improve your company culture?
  • Streamlining FADV
    What's changed recently to make it easier to get new drivers through the FADV process? What can you do on your end to make your life easier with FADV? What can you do to make FADV move faster to get your driver approved sooner.
  • Onboarding: More Than Just Pushing Paper
    Is your onboarding process a mess of HR requirements, or a rolling out of a red carpet? Does it help or hurt your risk management and safety strategy? Does it reinforce or run counter to your company culture?
  • SRI Score: The New Key to Growth
    FXG is placing even more emphasis on safety scores in all their growth opportunity decisions. Do you know how the score system works? Are you doing everything you can to improve your safety program? Do you know what the true costs and benefits are when you're making decisions about what to do and what not to do in your safety program?
  • Creating A Sustainable Safety Culture
    It is more important than ever to keep safety as your top priority. But how do you incentivize your drivers to adhere to the safety measures you have in place? How can create a culture of safety within your company, starting at the top?
  • The new VEDR KPIs: Opportunities and Challenges
    What just changed with the new VEDR KPI scoring system? What are the unseen obstacles with the new system and how can they negatively impact your business? How do you navigate the new system to your best benefit?

Registration to the 2024 Linehaul Summit will open on January 13th, 2024.

Registration opens on January 13th, 2024

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